Meet Kendra

“Writing is soul art. I own my words and expand the imagination of readers. Imagination is the language to apprehend the vision and birth purpose. My purpose is to seize your heart and open your soul to peace” –Kendra Turner

Hi! I’m a writer. A tech guru. A lesbian. And a bold, black woman with an intuitive eye into the soul.

I often have random thoughts. My brain never rests. It’s full of puns, ideas, guru, or sage thoughts, which people often seek for encouragement. I lived in Georgia and now Texas. I’m addicted to positive energy. Yes, I’m very optimistic. And no, I don’t accept negativity from anyone. If you don’t like it, I’m unbothered and unmoved by your opinions. Your negativity has no space for my attention, and it serves nothing toward my intention.

But what’s most important, I’m a writer. I write because it’s my passion. And, I can’t keep most of my thoughts to myself. 

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and my random acts of Kendra.

Much love,

I Believe…

creativity begins with people

our lives are shaped through experiences  

conversations help people heal

innovative expression creates opportunity 

everyone has a creative purpose