Moved Backward & Stepped Forward: Veiled and Unveiled to the Crown is bold, candid, and intimate.

Kendra Turner, author of Moving Backward to Go Forward: Reasons She Left a Husband, a Career, and a Whole State, finalizes the true, erotic, and revealing memoir of the affair that transpired during a marriage that seemed stable for thirteen years.  With insight and openness, she reveals how hiding who you are under traditional and social expectations of religion and family, create inner pain and hinder well-being.  Breaking the stereotypical views of women of faith, color, and careers, Kendra recounts the events that led to life-changing decisions.


The first of a two part memoir of Kendra’s marriage and affair that led to her risking everything for emotional happiness.

Intimate and erotic, Moving Backward to Go Forward  is a look inside marital stigmas among women of faith, color, and careers, and a endless reminder to have conversations about difficult subjects.


A true and revealing story of a family’s willingness to stand against the medical recommendation of ending life, versus understanding how spirituality can triumph over a tragic, surgical mishap.

Though Kendra Turner has always considered herself a person of faith, her spiritual optimism and mother’s fortitude surprisingly uncover hidden truths regarding healthcare in America, and they learn to trust in beliefs rather than medical pessimism.  A fascinating, poetic memoir, Through Open Windows of Jerusalem: Even Birds Sing During the Storms is an inspiration of universal faith and love between a mother’s bond with her child, and cherished relationship between siblings, and a heartfelt reminder to never give up, no matter who urges you to lose hope.